The SMLS aims to promote, coordinate and carry out the use of its own infrastructure and training programs for the use of synchrotron radiation light as well as for the use of the synchrotrons around the world, while promoting educational programs and exchange of knowledge among its users.  It seeks to establish strong links with scientists, technicians, companies, and government agencies.  This will be possible through the organization of national and international congresses, specialized workshops and training courses along the year. The foundation of this society will stablish the perfect blend through the construction of the Mexican synchrotron light source in the near future as a representative of Mexico’s great technological innovation outlook.

Additionally, the SMLS intends to spread out the use of techniques based on synchrotron radiation. The community of users in Mexico can strengthen their growth and therefore increase the creation of the research and technological development work that will allow us to be more competitive on a world-wide level.